Altius Sustainable Bond Fund

This Fund offers daily withdrawals (subject to liquidity as more fully described in the Product Disclosure Statement) with exposure to a diversified portfolio of securities including qualifying green fixed interest securities.

Altius Sustainable Bond Fund is diversified Australian fixed interest fund designed to align with specific personal and social values, without compromising on long-term returns. Altius employs an active and diversified strategy that aims to capture the upside of the bond market, while avoiding returns less than cash in a rising rate or deteriorating credit environment. High conviction and high quality trades are used to exploit the mispricing of bonds at all stages of the economic cycle. An ethical overlay is used to ensure corporate issuers involved in certain activities identified by the Fund’s Sustainability Policy are not considered for inclusion in the Fund investment universe.

Altius seeks to optimise returns for investors in all market conditions by taking a diversified approach to fixed interest funds management, combining both credit and duration strategies.

Altius’ investment strategy applies a high conviction approach and seeks to take advantage of the mispricing of bonds at all stages of the economic cycle. It has tight controls around risk outcomes, with a philosophy that credit and rates duration must earn their way into the portfolio.



Sustainable Bond Fund
Performance as at 31 March 2024

1 mth% 3 mth% 1 yr% 3 yrs% p.a  5 yrs% p.a   7 yrs% p.a Since inception
% p.a.
Gross total return¹ 0.92 1.41 4.55 1.30 1.44 1.93 2.46
Net total return² 0.88 1.28 4.04 0.79 0.85 1.31 1.81
Benchmark³ 0.74 1.05 2.84 0.43 0.86 1.57 1.92
Excess to benchmark⁴ 0.14 0.23 1.20 0.36 (0.01) (0.26) (0.11)

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