Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Altius Sustainability Advisory Committee is charged with using their combined knowledge of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, financial market expertise and insights to provide recommendations with respect to the investible universe of the Fund.

The Committee does not make investment decisions, but instead informs the Altius Investment Team on the investible universe for the Fund. The Committee is comprised of no less than four members including:

  • At least two representatives of Australian Unity’s Cash and Fixed Interest team (Altius)
  • At least two Investor Representatives.

The Investor Representatives are:

Matthew Moore

Portfolio Manager

Treasury & Investment Services, Uniting Financial Services
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Employed in the investment industry for over 22 years, the last 14 with Uniting Financial Services, Matthew has a wealth of experience and solid understanding of financial markets, balance sheet and capital risk management principles and investment asset allocation fundamentals. Matthew represents Uniting Financial Services on various committees including the NSW Synod Investments Monitoring Committee, The Christian Investors Advisory Forum (as Chairperson), and the Assembly Investment Committee (as Chairperson).

Trevor Thomas


Ethinvest Pty Ltd
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Trevor joined Ethinvest in 1997 having just returned from 6 years in South America working in economic development. Prior to that he was employed as an economist with one of Australia’s major banks and AP Dow Jones Telerate. 

Trevor graduated in Economics at Sydney University and has an MBA from Eastern University in Philadelphia. He was awarded Certified Financial Planner status having completed the Deakin University program in 2003.

Trevor is currently a Trustee of the John T Reid Charitable Trusts and the Ross Knowles Foundation and assists a number of charitable trusts and not for profit organisations with their investment strategies.

Richard Lovell

Executive Director, Investments

Clean Energy Finance Corporation
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Richard has over 23 years’ experience in the investment industry and Richard is currently Executive Director, Investments at Clean Energy Finance Corporation. He was previously Executive Director at Westpac, Head of Global Financing Operations at Societe Generale and a Senior Manager at Perpetual Limited.