Sustainable Short Term Income Fund

A Fund that offers access to a portfolio of cash and short-term interest bearing securities and also considers environmental, social and governance issues when selecting investments.

About the fund

The Sustainable Short Term Income Fund offers daily liquidity and exposure to short-term money market and medium-term floating instruments that may improve returns and diversification. 

The Fund also considers environmental, social and governance issues when selecting investments and aligns with Australian Unity’s values to create positive impact.

The Fund is likely to be appropriate for a consumer seeking capital preservation or income distribution to be used as a core or satellite component within a portfolio where the consumer has a medium to long investment timeframe, low risk/return profile and needs daily access to capital.

Fund information

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Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform the Bloomberg1 Ausbond Bank Bill Index after fees over the medium term.

Investment approach

  • The Fund invests in a combination of short-term money market instruments, medium and longer-term floating rate notes and fixed rate securities. These may include direct or indirect holdings of government, bank, corporate, asset backed and other securities. The Fund aims to maintain capital stability through limited exposure to interest rate movements and credit management.
  • The investment manager may also use derivatives for portfolio positioning and for managing market risk.

Fund features


Access to a portfolio of cash and short-term interest bearing securities, which may improve returns and diversification



Minimum initial investment amount

Retail class - $5,000
Wholesale class - $100,000

Buy / Sell spread

0.00% / 0.05%



Fund performance

Fund Snapshot

* Effective 30 September 2017. Inclusive of the impact of RITC (Reduced Input Tax Credits). Refer to the PDS and Additional Information Document for more information about fees and costs for this Fund.


Total Return1 Benchmark* Active return
1 mth % 0.15 0.24 -0.09
3 mth % 0.66 0.54 0.12
1 yr % pa 0.00 0.76 -0.76
3 yrs % pa 0.60 0.43 0.17
5 yrs % pa 1.31 0.97 0.34
7 yrs pa% N/A N/A N/A
10 yrs % pa N/A N/A N/A
Since Inception ‡% pa 1.42 1.02 0.40

1Sustainable Short Term Income Fund – Ordinary Units as at 31 October 2022.
Total Return is calculated after fees and expenses and assume the reinvestment of distributions. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

†‡ Inception date for performance calculations is 13 June 2017.

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Unit Prices

Effective date 7 Dec 2022
Entry price $0.9888
Exit price $0.9878


Frequency Monthly
Period end 30 Sep 2022
Cents per unit 0.1891
Reinvestment price $0.9874
fund snapshot for Sustainable Short Term Income Fund - Retail

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Important information

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The Altius Sustainable Short Term Income Fund - Ordinary Units is issued by Australian Unity Funds Management Limited ABN 60 071 497 115, AFS Licence No. 234454. Units in the Sustainable Short Term Income Fund - Ordinary Units are issued by AUFM as Responsible Entity for the Fund. The information in this document is general information only and is not based on the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular investor. In deciding whether to acquire, hold or dispose of the product, investors should obtain the current Product Disclosure Statement to consider whether the product is appropriate for them. The information provided on this page is current at the time of publishing.