About Us

Altius is a specialist Australian fixed interest asset manager.

Our philosophy

Altius' investment philosophy is founded on these core beliefs:

  • We believe the key to capturing market inefficiencies is through a top down analysis of the domestic and global economies and financial markets.
  • It is important to know what is happening across the world in addition to the Australian market in order to understand the pressures on interest rates and yield curves, and the interest rate differentials between bond issuers within and across different sectors of the bond market.
  • Once these pressures are understood, relative value analysis can be used to exploit outright rate movements as well as changes in the shape of the yield curve and movements in the relativities of yields available across and within different sectors of the bond market after adjusting for credit risk
  • We believe through our specialist skills, we can extract value for clients through macro research, sector rotation, interest rate and credit management and technical investing.

Our team

Our team

Altius Asset Management was co-founded by Bill Bovingdon and Chris Dickman in 2011. Our investment team has an average of almost 30 years financial markets experience across global and domestic investment managers and banks, insurance companies and treasury corporations.

Meet The Investment Team

Investment advisory committee

Our advisory committee comprises senior investment professionals with diverse skills and experience. The committee bring invaluable insights into economic and financial market issues on a local and global scale. The committee does not have decision making authority, but is a valuable extension of the investment team’s existing skill set and experience.

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Our funds

The Altius team employs a diversified strategy to the management of fixed interest securities that strikes a balance between relative and absolute returns, taking advantage of the mispricing of bonds in all market conditions.

Altius Bond Fund

The Altius Bond Fund aims to deliver investors solid income generation coupled with low capital volatility. It is a well-diversified fund with a focus on managing downside exposure to interest rate, credit and liquidity risk.

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Altius Sustainable Bond Fund

The Altius Sustainable Bond Fund is a diversified portfolio of fixed interest securities designed to align with investors’ specific personal and social values without compromising on returns over the long term.

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