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A specialist in cash and fixed interest

The aim of our responsible investment activities is to protect and enhance the value of our client’s capital. Responsible investment underpins the quality of our investment process.

We also take on a wider responsibility to uphold the quality and integrity of the financial markets in which we invest.

Incorporating ESG assessment into our independent investment research enhances our knowledge and understanding of an organisation’s management capabilities, culture, and business strategy. It enables us to make better informed investment decisions on behalf of our clients.

We believe ESG issues can have a direct impact on an issuer’s risk and its probability of default. If not managed properly, these risks can lead to inefficiencies or disruption of operations, which could then become liabilities (regulatory, litigation or reputational), which may impact a company’s cash flow, and therefore their credit rating, and ultimately their cost of debt.

Our investment approach

Our investment style is focused on building returns by allocating active risk in a highly disciplined and methodical way to identify the best sources of return.

Our macro research process allows us to capitalise on opportunities in all market conditions. For instance, reducing volatility in a sustained rising interest rate environment or a deteriorating credit market.

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