Altius Bond Fund

An active and diversified fixed income fund which aims to deliver clients solid income generation coupled with low capital volatility.

About the fund

We are pleased to announce that on 29 November 2021, Altius Bond Fund unitholders voted in favour of the proposal to merge with the Altius Sustainable Bond Fund (Merger). As a result, the implementation of the Merger occurred on 7 December 2021.

This means that effective 7 December 2021 investors no longer hold units in the Altius Bond Fund and instead hold units in the Altius Sustainable Bond Fund.

Immediately following the Merger, the value of an investor’s holding in the Altius Sustainable Bond Fund is exactly the same as their holding in the Fund immediately prior to the Merger. 

Please refer to the announcements section for further information.

Fund performance

Fund Snapshot

Minimum initial investment $5,000
Management fees 0.46% p.a.*
Estimated recoverable expenses 0.12% of the gross asset value of the Fund for the financial year ending 30 June 2017*
Performance fee Nil
Buy/Sell spread 0.00%/0.10%

* Effective 30 September 2017. Inclusive of the impact of RITC (Reduced Input Tax Credits). Refer to the PDS and Additional Information Document for more information about fees and costs for this Fund.


Total Return1 Benchmark* Active return
1 mth % 0.67 1.04 -0.37
3 mth % -1.55 -1.49 -0.06
1 yr % pa -2.93 -1.53 -1.40
3 yrs % pa 0.86 1.97 -1.11
5 yrs % pa 1.42 2.13 -0.71
Since Inception ‡ % pa 3.29 3.26 0.03

As at 30 November 2021

*Effective 1 July 2016, Benchmark is 50% Reserve Bank of Australia Cash Rate and 50% Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+Yr Index and applied retrospectively for all periods.

1Total Return is calculated after fees and expenses and assumes the reinvestment of distributions. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

‡ Inception date for performance calculation is 14 June 2011.

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Unit Prices

Effective date 21 Sep 2022
Entry price $0.9061
Exit price $0.9052
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Frequency Quarterly
Period end 31 Mar 2021
Cents per unit 0.3312
Reinvestment price $0.9819
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Investment process

Altius employs an active and diversified strategy that aims to capture the upside of the bond market, while avoiding returns less than cash in a rising rate or deteriorating credit environment.

Crucial in today’s environment, the Fund has a flexible mandate that enables it to shift duration and sector exposures. The team invests with high conviction and is willing to take significant positions away from the benchmark.

Risk management is embedded in strategy formulation and is a central driver of our investment process.

Why invest with Altius?

Altius was formed after the global financial crisis. A team of seasoned bond portfolio managers used their learning from those difficult years to hone an investment approach that’s designed to optimise returns for investors, while seeking to preserve capital in all market conditions.

Altius meets the requirements of a defensive asset class while offering more flexibility than most traditionally managed fixed income portfolios.

Fixed income investments are an important part of any balanced portfolio, and are here to stay. It’s all about picking the right manager—one that, when it comes to managing defensive assets, is focused as much on capital preservation as it is on growing wealth.

Important information

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